1. Incredible opportunity getting to meet and receive advice from Sam Smith tonight. He was the nicest and most humble guy, asking at least 3 times if they would be able to get us tickets into the show. Unfortunately it was sold out and the manager was too good at her job, firmly telling him no. Luckily we were still treated to a “private” 3-song set during his soundcheck and I’ll hopefully catch him at Disclosure’s set this weekend at Coachella.

    It’s crazy thinking of all the random coincidences leading up to me being in this photo. The event was kept extremely private with invites only being sent to a handful of GRAMMY U members. I somehow found my way in because one of my classmates remembered from a brief conversation that I was a GRAMMY U member and asked if I was going. When I told her I had no idea what she was talking about, she forwarded me the email and I was able to snag an RSVP to be one of these lucky few. I feel like this entire process really embodies finding a way into the music industry. It took a lot of hustling and putting yourself out there, but in the end required just a little bit of luck to make everything fall into place. That slight dependence on luck and chance is terrifying, but it makes every experience exhilarating when everything works out like it did tonight.


  4. dashdrive:

    you gotta be careful with girls named katherine because it could be spelled katherine or kathryn or catherine cathryn katherin kcatcheyn ckathcryrn catrchckern kathtrine 

    I couldn’t even spell my own name until I was in first grade (it’s misspelled on my very first library card). And I think until high school, almost every single person I knew spelled it “Cathrine.” The struggle.

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  5. Late Night Complaints

    On Monday, a renowned songwriter visited our class. He has enjoyed a long, successful career, writing multiple timeless hits that I’ve listened to my whole life. During the class, he shared with us a story about he submitted a song for a current artist that I have little respect for and don’t think has anywhere near the lasting talent that this songwriter has proven over and over again. He told us how his song was rejected and how bummed he was. It’s astounding to me how someone who has played an integral role in soundtracking the last few decades of popular music is inferior to someone who has barely proven to be more than just a passing trend. This singer should be lucky that someone so legendary wanted them to sing his song. The whole situation just seems sad.

  6. nevver:

    Design Crush

    I don’t think I’ll have time to sleep until summer but I’m so excited for this quarter.

  7. pitchfork:

    Read Calum Marsh's audience analysis story "Where You Stand at a Show and What It Says About You" on The Pitch.

    Hilariously accurate article I thought I would find on Noisey not Pitchfork. Over the past few years I’ve transitioned from “Direct in Front of the Stage” to “The Middle of the Room.” The places beyond that don’t look so fun.

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  8. purenoiserecords:

    Brigade’s “Small Time Crooks” Official Music Video

    Preorders (Limited Colored Vinyl/CD/Digital/Bundles)

    "Small Time Crooks" Lyrics

    Always on the same extension. Smother with heed and fair attention. The lights are out but our fate is secure. Partners in crime, For richer or poorer.

    Dear mistress, What I couldn’t do with a little bit of money and a handful of you.

    I’ll pour it out to you from rooftops, I’m not afraid. It’s an anthem of embezzled love. We’re thieves in our own way. Taking what we want, never worried with safeways.

    You had nothing on but the radio. Body swaying, You were moving slow. The lights are out but our fate is secured. Partners in crime, For richer or poorer.

    We felt the cold breeze collide with the summer heat, It took the time to exfoliate all around me. The sky was black, It put us straight to sleep. We’ll never lose sight of what’s locked beneath.

    Pure Noise Records can literally do no wrong.

  9. intelstat:


    Lucy - Trailer

    ooh my jesus fucking christ this looks like the best film in the fucking world

    Looks entertaining, but isn’t this the same plot as Limitless?

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  10. Current Obsessions:

    Taking Back Sunday - Like I’ve stated before, I’m not a very big Taking Back Sunday fan considering I haven’t listened to much beyond their most famous singles, but I haven’t been able to stop listening to their newest record. Their sound is appropriately mature considering how long the band has been around, but still capable of appealing to both their old fans and any younger fans that might find them via Hopeless Records. Many people don’t realize how incredibly difficult it is for a band to stay relevant after just a couple years and Taking Back Sunday have once again proven that they aren’t going anywhere.

    Betty Who - Betty Who has been heralded as one of the frontrunners of the current “alt-pop” movement, although in my opinion she could easily by a major pop star selling out a run at the STAPLES Center if she plays her cards right. She combines Pink’s aesthetics and attitude with Katy Perry’s soaring hooks but with lyrics that don’t constantly make you cringe. She’s pop music you can listen to without feeling guilty.

    Tokyo Police Club - This song is hands down possibly my favorite indie pop song I’ve heard all year. Everything from the opening guitar riff to the chorus hook is perfect. It’s the perfect addition to alternative rock radio stations across the nation and outdoor festivals during the summer. Although none of the other tracks on the album compare to this one, it’s still an infectious, danceable package as a whole, and I’m glad it exists after that disaster of a record that Foster The People put out.

    Cathedrals - I found this band while scouring the Internet for unmanaged bands for my internship. They only have two songs out right now, but this one in particular displays enormous potential. The band reminds me of a more upbeat, indie pop version of Lorde. I love the warm, comforting tone in the vocals and once that synth beat enters at the beginning you can’t help but enjoy listening to this song. I hope to catch this band at a festival somewhere over the summer.

    Captain, We’re Sinking - Another small unmanaged band, besides their incredible music garnering them the attention they deserve, people may also know this band because the vocalist’s brother sings in The Menzingers. Like The Menzingers, Captain, We’re Sinking produce raw, cathartic punk rock but always remember to add the hooks as well (my favorite hook being in the song above). The band already boasts an impressive resume including releasing their latest record on Run For Cover Records and opening for such scene darlings as Tigers Jaw and Balance & Composure. Listed as one of AltPress’ 100 Bands You Need to Know this year and already booked for Fest in the fall, this should be their biggest year yet.

    Vanaprasta - I caught these guys opening for Incan Abraham at the Bootleg last night (definitely one of the coolest venues in Los Angeles that I’ve been to). My biggest issue with the current indie guitar rock scene burgeoning in east LA is that the bands always seem to get lost in their own music, bobbing their heads through monotonous waves of guitar fuzz for the majority of their set. While Vanaprasta is definitely a part of that scene, they still make sure to entertain the crowd in front of them. Steven Wilkin is one of the best modern rock vocalists you’ll ever hear, effortlessly soaring through octaves of notes throughout the set. While still mostly a local band, I’m stoked to see what the rest of the year holds for such a talented act.

    Seahaven - While some people have expressed disappointment about the overwhelming lack of fast songs on their new record, I’ve found the album to provide the perfect soundtrack for long bus rides and late-night homework sessions. It will definitely be interesting to catch them at their upcoming live shows and see how the band will deal with a crowd used to constantly diving while they play. This record is obviously a turning point in the band’s career and I’m curious to see where they plan on taking it.

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